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The Double Ringer Burger Challenge

When we wanted to create a special burger to share with our friends, it couldn’t be avoided to make it as amazing as it sounds.  The Double Ringer burger is so big and juicy that we needed to devote a full page to it.

Jay and Dianes Horseshoe Grill - Texas - Double Ringer HamburgerStarting with buttered bun we add two of the juiciest beef patties around, throw in two layers of cheddar cheese, jalapeno slices, bacon and grilled onions (plus your choice of dressings).  Once this is stacked tall, we stick a knife in to hold it still and throw two onion rings on top to complete its namesake.

The weak and timid may want to avoid this monstrous delicacy but make no mistake, it won’t be forgotten.

Come on by and take the Double Ringer Challenge.  There is nothing to win, but it sure tastes good and would love to cook one for you!